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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Q1. How to create a project
A project is simply a file of the type ".spr"
Click File New Project
Specify the location, i.e. folder where you wish to create the project file
Provide the Project file name, say, "test_project"
These panes can be used only when a project is open.

Q2. How do I add more files to the project ?
Click in Project Management menu. It will take you to Add-Files-To-Project menu.
Go to the folder from where you wish to add files.
Select one or more files and click [Add Files ] or click [Add Files ] to add all *.c files from the current folder.
Similarly, add the header files.
If you wish to remove any files that you added, click [Remove Files ]. or after you return to the Project Management Menu, select the files, then click [Remove File ].
Click to exit from Add Files.

Q3. Is Crystal C/C++ compatible with SCC API of Windows ?

Crystal tools are compatible with your SCC API compliant version control system. If you wish to check-in and check-out files, you can add files from your Crystal tools project to your version control system:

When an SCC API compliant version control tool (such as Clear Case) exists on the machine, Crystal FLOW detects it automatically.
When Crystal FLOW detects the presence of a version control tool, it displays the "SccStatus" column in the Project Management menu.
In the Project Management menu,
After you return from Add-Files-To-Project menu, Crystal FLOW will prompt you to add the files to Source Control.
Click to add the files to Source Control or continue to add or remove files till you have the desired set of files in the project; then click Scc>
or you may select one or more files in the table and click Scc>.
or at a later time, you can select any files in the table and then right-click to:
  Add files to Source Control
Remove Files from Source Control
Check Out, Check In etc.
You can turn SCC support off/on in the Edit card of Customize in the Options menu.

Q4. How to provide Include-Path Sequence ?

Click in the Project Management Menu. The folder at the top is searched first.

To add a new entry in the sequence
  Click <Add New>.
Fill a folder name in the new entry .(Use or the keyboard.)

To delete, move-up, or move-down
Click the entry, then click ,, or .

To modify an existing entry
Click the entry, then edit using the keyboard or the button.

Select the "Include subfolders" box if header files are in sub-folders too.


Q5. What is browse-data and how do I manage with it ?

Browse-Data is an information about a file or project which is collected at the time of parsing the file and saved in disk. Thus constructing browse-data at run-time is avoided. Also if browse-data for a file is in-cache, then your browsing on the code will be faster.

(You are in the Project Management Menu).
In the Header Files card,
Click [BrowseData <All>].

In the Source Files card,
Click [BrowseData <All>].
Crystal C will parse the files and load their browse data.

In case of large projects (say, more than five hundred files), you may want to Parse All Files, but load the browse data of a smaller set of files that you are working with.

To load the browse data of a smaller set of files, select one or more files and
click [BrowseData <Selected>] or right-click then click <Load Browse Data>.


Q6. Can I open files in batch-mode ?

(You are in the Project Management Menu).
Double-click on a file in the list or Select one or more files; click [Open File <Selected>]
or click to go back to the Edit Menu and open the file from the Edit Menu.


Q7. Can I remove files from project ?

Double-click on a file in the list or Select one or more files; click [Remove File ] or press the Delete key.


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